Fork & Spoon

Photographs were taken using a 35mm manual camera thats lens was removed, turned around, and then duct-taped back on to the body of the camera, thus allowing for super-magnification of the subject. After developing the film, I selected these two images to produce as 8x10 prints on cold tone paper. During the development process, I solarized the images, producing a foggy grey background and surrounding the subjects in a slight glow. 


Cappadocia, Turkey

My first foray into color film. All photographs were taken with a manual 35mm camera. Images were extracted from the negatives using a high-definition scanner. Photoshop was only used to remove dust from the extracted images, which were then print on high gloss photo paper.


Mexico & Guatemala

These photographs were taken with a 35mm manual camera on black and white film at archaeological sites around both Mexico and Guatemala. The prints were produced in a darkroom on cold tone paper.