Kitchen Timer

The result of a multi-week project designed to build upon the concept of dematerialization as discussed in the work of Lukas van Campenhout. The instructions were to design a kitchen timer that allows for timing (multiple) cooking processes that combines the persistent and the ephemeral in a beautiful manner. This prototype allows for the timing of three parts of a meal with the goal of having all three parts finish cooking at the same time. The user physically interacts with the piece and receives visual feedback as to when to start cooking the next part of the meal, each lighted ring representing a different part of the meal and timed according to the needs of that particular food (Note: timing is sped up in the demo). Ideally, each ring would be modular and wireless so that one could stack different combinations of rings depending on the meal one wishes to create.


Data Visualization: October Cycling

A physical representation of aspects of my cycling behavior for the month of October 2015. I wanted to experimented with tangible forms of data visualization. I choose to use an old bike wheel that I then modified to display strings of data in the place of spokes. The wheel was suspended, allowing for viewers to interact with the data by spinning the wheel and a 360˚ viewing experience. Data illustrated: Frequency, Distance Traveled, Average Speed, Maximum Speed.