In December 2014, I was put in charge of redesigning two large window displays for the holiday shopping season for the REI at Settler's Ridge. I started by sketching out various concept designs for each window (Window 1 & Window 2). I consulted with my fellow employees in order to get feedback and new ideas. The final rendition is a combination of my ideas and those of my co-workers. Ultimately, I wanted to create a display of which each member of the staff could feel proud.

The first window and its product displays are designed to appeal to the thirty-something couple traveling to visit family. Potential gift ideas are wrapped in ribbon and are seen tucked into various luggage pieces. Additionally, adjacent to the mannequins are items one may want for the long road trip (i.e. travel mugs, books, maps).

The second window, which faces an open area often utilized by mothers and children, focuses on a winter camping set-up featuring a mother and two children. The clothing items were chosen with the intent of drawing attention to the scene through the use of bright, high-contrast colors, while displaying the latest trends in winter outerwear for the chosen demographic. To the left side of the display is a hammock filled with wrapped presents, topped off with a hammock light product that is a featured gift idea. To the right side of the scene is camp stove and chair set-up, featuring various food, camping, and cookware products. In the background is a lighting arrangement designed to look like half of a Christmas tree.